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Stamin Amino Mass

Stamin Amino Mass - 500gms / 1 kg

Amino Mass is a unique combination of Natural Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins and Fat

  • Natural Carbohydrates derived from sprouted cereals
  • High in Amino Acids
  • Increases Muscle & Mass index
  • High energy level maintained
  • Increase performance levels
  • Delicious chocolate flavour



Stamin Body Mass

Stamin Body Mass - 500 gms / 1 kg

Body Mass is a combination of 40% protein, Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Fats with improved formula to gain weight.

  • Quick increases in body weight
  • Sustains your Energy level throughout your workout
  • High Quality Proteins to body Mass
  • Prevents Fatigue
  • Delicious Vanilla flavour



Stamin Weight Gainer

Weight Gainer with new improved formula is a unique combination of 42% Egg protein, Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Fat.

  • Increases Body Weight in short Span
  • Increases Performance levels
  • Prevents fatigue & Muscle damage
  • High Protein efficiency ratio
  • High Biological value
  • Delicious Chocolate flavour



Stamin Mega Mass

Mega Mass is a unique combination of Glutamine combined with Whey Proteins & Natural Carbohydrates to build Mass & Muscle

  • High Protein + Antioxidant formula
  • Builds Powerful & Strong Muscles
  • The Power of Glutamine
  • Van Choco Flavour



Stamin Muscle Gain

Muscle Gain is a combination of 65% Proteins, Vitamins & Antioxidants to build muscles

  • A unique combination of Proteins combined with Whey proteins
  • High Protein + Antioxidant formula
  • Builds Powerful & Strong Muscles
  • Does not increases Body Weight – FAT FREE
  • Prevents Muscle damage
  • Delicious Chocolate flavour



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