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Reactor Pro 3 - 150 Caps

REACTOR Pro 3 formula is a special complex of ergogenic and anabolic compounds. The components included in REACTOR Pro 3 formula stimulate the production of cell nucleotides whose level and rate of restoration affect your body's effort capacity. The production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is a high-energy compound is a key activity. ATP is a molecule that has the ability of releasing huge amounts of energy. It is responsible for strength as well as speed of muscle contractions. However, ATP is not an energy depot. Its stores are used within a few seconds; therefore, it should be restored continuously. Tricreatine malate, ribose, and inosine are the best way for immediate ATP restoration, causing a rapid energy release between particular exercises.

Substances included in REACTOR Pro 3 also intensify the production of an anabolic hormone, insulin, that is responsible for nutrient transport into the muscle cell. This causes the increase of post-workout metabolism, which at considerably accelerates your body's regeneration. During the workout, this formula also improves oxygen transport into muscle cells and eliminates such metabolites as lactic acid, which let us continue our activity without any significant decrease of efficiency. REACTOR Pro 3 is recommended for all the athletes who want to achieve maximum strength and energy gain as well as increase their endurance during intense workouts. Warnings: Greater muscle vasodilatation may appear during strength training, which may manifest by the muscle circumferenceround increase.


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