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Muscle Pharm Assault

Assault brings a perfect combination of powerful ingredients. When taken as prescribed, Assault doubles the dose with 40,000 mg of hardcore active ingredients twice as much as other leading brands, available in the same price! Constituting the most powerful form of Creatine that gives exclusive power and strength, Citrulline Malate it is beneficial to enhance performance and Arginne which increases volume. Assault is an obvious choice of athletes for pre-performance supplements.


Combat - 4 Lbs

 COMBAT POWDER is MusclePharm's technologically advanced Protein Superfood. Athletes and Bodybuilders have long known that high-quality protein is the key to building and maintaining lean muscle, while supporting a healthy body composition and fueling fat loss. Protein is the most important macronutrient for muscle growth, mass and power. High-quality protein may support muscle growth, recovery, and the integrity and health of all body tissues. Active bodies require MORE high quality protein for optimal performance - COMBAT POWDER was designed to meet that need.


MP Creatine -300gms

  • Promotes strength, power and endurance*
  • Blend of 5 Creatines
  • No Loading
  • 100% Pharmaceutical Quality

MusclePharm Creatine supports increased Creatine status by enhancing uptake and bio-availability. Clinically-supported Cinnulin is suggested to promote heightened absorption, so our five pure and diverse Creatine complexes delivering a range of benefits will launch into muscles. MP Creatine promotes explosive energy, ATP energy and overall power. For added stamina, strength and lean muscle growth, feed your body the total Creatine package.


BCAA 3:1:2 - 240GMS

  • Rapidly Absorbed Branched Chain Amino Acid Complex
  • Delivers BCAAs Before and After Workout
  • 100% Pharmaceutical Grade

BCAA helps you: receive the BCAAs Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine in this patented ratio of 3:1:2, which may help promote muscle development and maintenance, increase lean body mass and support weight loss. BCAAs are part of the group of essential amino acids a body needs. Our patented 3:1:2 ratio is designed to release specific amounts of each amino acid both before and after a workout. This may help provide support against muscle breakdown and lead to gains in body mass without losing weight.


RE-CON -2.6 Lbs

RE-CON® is a unique, high-performance POST-WORKOUT REFUEL, REPLENISH, REBUILD formula. RE-CON® was designed to promote one of the most important phases of the athlete's total training program – the post-workout phase, what those in our game call the "anabolic window". RE-CON® was designed to provide hard training athletes with everything necessary to nourish recovery and growth from all angles. Every facet of reconstruction nutrition is accounted for in this, one of the most comprehensive recovery formulations on the market. Muscle Pharm has no other product like RE-CON®.

High-intensity training demands a post-workout that is 100% devoted to supporting and developing the body's internal environment. Push harder—then support recovery—with RE-CON®.



To get the maximum benefits of Bullet Proof we recommended cycling the product so that you body does not build a tolerance to the ingredients in Bullet Proof. Bullet Proof can be used two ways:

During extra hard training periods or contest prep Bullet Proof can be used everyday for 22 days straight. After the 22 days you should cease usage for two weeks before starting another cycle of Bullet Proof.

Alternatively Bullet Proof can be cycled by using a 5 days on 2 days of regiment. With this dosing scheme you can use Bullet Proof for up to 8 weeks before needing to take a two week break from the product. Optimally you would want to take Bullet Proof on Your workout days and not use it on your off days from training.


GLUTAMINE - 300gms

increases whole body glutamine status by enhancing uptake, bioavailability and digestion. This ultimately provides optimal muscle-tissue saturation through an exclusive array of three pure, yet diverse glutamine complexes that deliver a substantial range of benefits. MP Glutamine helps you quicker and more efficiently rehydrate, reduild and recover from even the toughest of workouts.


SHRED MATRIX - 120caps

SHRED MATRIX™ is Muscle Pharm's most powerful weight loss system yet.* SHRED MATRIX™ is unique—utilizing a comprehensive, multi-system approach to fat loss.* Powerful, but safe and effective for both men and women, SHRED MATRIX™ utilizes the body's multiple energy pathways and systems to promote aggressive mobilization of fat to be burned for fuel.* SHRED MATRIX™ also addresses all the key issues that make fat loss difficult in the first place. SHRED MATRIX™ supports improved energy and alertness, enhances mood and mental function, and helps promote appetite regulation.


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