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Weight Gainer

Weight Gainer is a premier scientifically advanced weight gaining formula for the individuals who have hard time gaining and maintaining weight. It Provides a superior quality easily absorbable natural protein, complex carbohydrates and a complete profile of vitamins and minerals in delicious taste. By supplementing with this. You can fuel intense workouts and decrease muscular degradation, hence combined with a balanced diet weight gainer is ineitable. It is for Body Buildings, Athletes and active individuals who want to gain and maintain weight.

It supplied the body with the power and energy it needs to get through those grueling workout.


Muscle Man Body King - 500 Gm

Muscle man body king is a unique formulation of imported protein isolate along with essential vitamin and minerals to help in muscles Growth. It’s regular use improver health and boosts metobolism. It can also be given in strength and muscles. The body king is a balance combination of all essential energy giving nutrients like proteins. Fat carbohydrate minerals & Vitamins which help full Body development increases Stamina & Builds Muscles.


Weight Grow - 500 Gm

Weight Grow is a premier with a scientifically advance weight gain formula for the individuals who have hard time gaining & maintaining weight. Weight grow provides a superior quality easily absorbable protein, complex carbohydrages & a complete profile of vitamin and minerals in delicious flavour.


Catch Energy - 500 Gm

Catch Energy in more than 99% Glucose. That's pure energy absorbed by the body instantly. Add 4 heaped tea spoonful (40 gm.) in one glass of water (250 ml) or enjoy it even as a delicious powder. Nothing else refreshes and energized you instantly any time of the day. Builds up energy levels for that brust of energy that sets champions apart.


Muscle Man Body Grow

Muscle Man Body Grow - 1 kg / 500 gm

It is a balance combination of all essential energy giving nutrition a delicious supplement for the entire family. Body Weight Grow has carbohydrates, Vitamins, minerals and more for totally balanced healthy nutrition. Engineered, power packed formulation.


Big Protein 80 - 500 Gm

Breakthrough New Formula

Nutritive Value Contains: Protein 80 gm. Vitamin C-235 mg. Vitamin E-1.7 gm. Vitamin A 12.47 mg. Carbohydrate 362.0 gm. Fat 38.85 gm. Potassium 1.35 gm. Sodium 475 mg. Magness 7 mg. Copper 8.5 mg. Iron 97 mg. in 500 gm power.
Give Protein to Your Thirsty Muscles Note:

Diabetics and Hypoglyoemics should consult a physician before using. Vitamins and Minerals are naturally accruing in ingredients. Not added separately. Best when use with in one month after opening the lid.


Mega Mass 4000 - 1 Kg

  The fact power mega mass 4000 is the perfect body builder’s meal replacement each serving of power mega mass 4000 contains only the highest quality ingredients including almond protein and soya-the supreme protein for body building mass muscle and strength. In addition it also contains major vitamin and minerals. Power mega mass 4000 is a balance combination of all essential energy giving nutrients which help full body development increases stamina and builds muscles. 


Muscle Man Whey Protein - 500 Gm

Muscle Man Whey Protein 100% Packedwith the highest BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) and WPF (Whey Protein Fractions) so you are paying for Proteinnot carbs, at works harder to maximizeyour result. At also provides body builders first triple natural anobolic.

Protein advantage:-

  • Increased anabolic glutamine level 15.84% .
  • Decreased catabolic cortisol levels 26.09%

Amino Mass Grow - 500 Gm

Muscle man Amino mass grow rich in glutamine, now considered a conditional amino acid with play a key role in optimizing proteins. Glycogen synthesis and retaining nitrogen.

Power amino mass grow promotes muscle-formations, growth, it also strengthens the immune systems, improves nitrogen balance by increasing protein synthesis.


Muscle Pro 3000

Muscle Pro 3000 is a unique formulation fo imported protein isolate along with essential vitamin & minerals to help in mucle growth. It enhanced with 50% super whey protein. It enhanced with 50% super whey protein. The biggest & the most powerful anabolic weight gaining formula. Muscle Pro 3000 is synergistically formulated & scientifically engineered for gaining hard muscle without fat.


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