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FW-7001 Multi Adjustable Bench

Adjustable Bench delivers a highly targeted movement, including six position adjustments between 8 and 33 degrees, plus an extra long back pad, angled leg pad and ankle roller pad for full support and comfort. An assist bar provides easier user positioning.

Bench make it an important piece in any facility. The pivot point allows both the lower and upper pads to be adjusted for proper form and support across a range of motions. The back pad adjusts from a flat position to 90 degrees, in 15-degree increments. The seat pad adjusts from flat to 45 degrees in 15-degree increments.


FW-7002 Seated Preacher Curl

   Preacher curls are a great exercise for building massive and muscular biceps. Notice that the preacher bench helps to hold the arms forward and higher than they would be when standing. This works the biceps from an angle that adds greater stress at the beginning of the lift and thus focuses more strongly on the lower bicep. That’s great for building the type of biceps that can be seen bulging below the short sleeves of your favorite T-shirt. Use these along with standing barbell curls to build mass, especially for the beginners and intermediates in the gym.


FW-7003 Multi Hyper Extension

It is still under development of new style. The user-friendly design makes working out more simple, efficient, comfortable and satisfying. Have a ride! Equipments are well profound by the customers all over the globe. Since the upper most quality and the strict production.


FW-7004 Flat Bench

A basic component of any gym, the 101 Flat Bench is designed for stability and versatility. The tripod design with vertical front leg allows dumbbells to travel under the bench freely. The 2"" (50 mm) thick foam pad adds comfort.


FW-7005 Multi Ab Bench

Multi Ab Bench is a rugged and durable piece of equipment that supports a broad range of exercises. Consider it an essential element of any club. Tripod base with foot rest adds stability.




FW-7006 Vertical Knee Raiser/Parallel Bar/ Dip Stand

Vertical Knee Raiser helps users with a range of core and lower-body exercises. Angled elbow pads, hand grips and back pad provide stability for knee-up exercise, and additional horizontal hand grips allow dip exercises. Rubber feet provide stability for users.


FW-7007 Vertical Knee Raiser/Chinup/ Parallel Bar Dip Stand

Owning the Best Fitness Vertical Knee Raise is like having multiple workout stations in a single, lightweight piece of equipment. Ideal for cramped quarters because of its small footprint and lightweight,  puts you in complete control of sculpting your abs, chest, back and arms.

The freestanding VKR challenges you to use your own bodyweight to efficiently power your way through gut-slimming routines and muscle-defining exercises. Whether you're focused on tightening your abs and obliques or concentrating on a chiseled look accomplished through pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups and dips, there's nothing like shaping and toning your physique in the comfort and privacy of your own home.



FW-7008 Commercial AB King Pro

This machine will effectively tighten, tone and trim your entire midsection. It has an amazing 200?range of motion, so it can target your upper, lower, middle abs and obliques all at once. The smooth motion created by Ab King Pro will tighten your abdominals quickly and easily.

The Ab King Pro stands upright and lifts your body off the floor to support your lower back, so no more stress and strain from floor exercises. Unlike most other commercial ab machines, the Ab King Pro has proper head, neck and back support to ensure you keep your fitness and form. There are adjustable resistance levels to suit all users. Combined with the right diet and on-going exercise you will get rid of those love handles and get those abs pumping.


FW-7009 Standing Twister

  Exacting structural analysis assure impact ct series equipment will function smoothly under the constant heavy use of today`s busy fitness facilities.  Rotating part adopts the high-quality bearing, durable in use and there is no noise while using. With gracefully curved frames constructed from sleek, powder-coated tubing that exhibits a modern, design-forward aesthetic. It builds form into function and value into a superior modular strength training system. Seat pads are fabricated from 01” thick grade-a ply wood and surfaces padded with two inch high density resilient foam, ply wood backing is completely covered and concealed with the same upholstery material.


FW-7010 Seated & Standing Twister

The body bar Seated & Standing Twister is an exercise that targets the waist and midsection. It is a simple exercise to do, and can help you trim your waistline. It also helps to loosen up the low back muscles, which can in turn help reduce chronic low-back pain. The benefit of the body bar is that it adds both weight and resistance to the exercise.


FW-7011 Dumbbell Stand 2 Step

The Workbench dumbbell Stand provides two levels of storage holding approximately 10 sets or 12 normal size dumbbells. The steel tubing is neatly angled for ease of removing and storing the dumbbells. Angled steel bar and end stoppers lock the dumbbells in place at all times.


FW-7012 Dumbbell Stand 3 Step

The Workbench dumbbell Stand provides 3 levels of storage holding approximately 10 sets or 12 normal size dumbbells. The steel tubing is neatly angled for ease of removing and storing the dumbbells. Angled steel bar and end stoppers lock the dumbbells in place at all times.


FW-7013 Plate Stand

We are manufacturer and exporter of Plate Stand (T-Rack ) (Item Code: UP-25 ) being used to hold weight plates. The product is available in different sizes and designs, very durable, flexible and can withstand any rough and tough conditions. Plate Stand provides maximum efficiency in storage capacity for weight plates in a minimum amount of floor space. An essential component in a facility's free weight area.


FW-7014 Rod Stand

These are fabricated from superlative quality material using hi-tech process which ensures its flawless functioning. It can also fabricated as per the mentioned requirements of any individual as well as commercial sector. A well established Plate Standmanufacturer bring forth for you an enormous exercise equipments at market leading prices.


FW-7015 Olympic Decline / Flat

Olympic Bench is designed and built with attention to detail. Users can count on handle grips designed to be both comfortable and to convey a sense of control. Guards on the racking system protect the bar from wear.


FW-7016 Olympic Incline / Flat

Olympic Incline Bench make it a valuable piece of equipment for any facility. The adjustable seat helps a range of users complete a targeted, efficient workout. Guards on the racking system protect the bar from wear.


MF-9001 Smith Machine With Counter Balance Weight

Smith Machine is counter-balanced for a starting weight under 15 pounds. This is an ideal way for users of all strength levels to perform a wide range of upper- and lower-body exercises. There are no crossbar support members at floor level, permitting benches to be conveniently rolled into the unit from either direction.


MF-9002 HackSquat/ Leg Press

Owner / operators and users benefit from low-maintenance rollers and rigid, tubular steel tracks on the Leg Press that create a smooth exercise motion. Intuitive design includes a conveniently located release handle for seat adjustment to fit a wide range of users.

Leg Press creates smooth travel for the footplate sled. The adjustable seat back lets users set their most comfortable body position. Convenient sled handle makes getting in and out of position very easy. An optional add-on weight holder is available (not shown) for additional load capacity. Plate storage is standard.


MF-9003 Bicep / Tricep Combo 100 KG

The Tricep Combo delivers smooth, precise motion. Angled pad positions users’ arms for maximum comfort and efficiency. The ratcheting gas-assisted seat adjusts easily and fits a wide range of users.

Ease-of-use and reliability are core attributes of the  Bicep Curl. The ratcheting gas-assisted seat adjusts to fit a wide range of users. Handle grips are angled for proper exercise mechanics.


MF-9004 Multi Press Combo 100 KG

The  Multi-Press features three machines in one: bench press, incline press, and shoulder press. Users can adjust press arm and seat while on the machine. Comfortable, oversized grips with multiple positions and simple seat adjustment make it easy for users to get in position for proper exercise form. Users can easily engage the add-on weight with a simple push of a lever to increase the work load.


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