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Master Dream Body Mega Mass - 1 Kg

Master dream bodies mega mass is the most power full biggest and massive anabolic weight gainig n formula. Scientifically and synergistically formulated for solid gain of hard muscle. Master dream bodies mega mass is loaded with the latest performance nutrients master dream bodies mega mass has a ton of protein . kind of calorie that really count plus the new improved formula featuring body building’s hottest performance nutrient. You can depend on master dream bodies mega mass to help you to pack on pounds like never before . Our master dream boded mega mass is more powerful more valuable and most delicious weight gainer.

Usuage :

  • Ultimate weapon for an amateur athlete.
  • Specially designed to enhance your muscle – building potential
  • Packed with fast acting high molecular weight and wheat starch.
  • Provide a well tolerated source of energy during practice and competition.
  • Multi functional protein & carbohydrate mix.
  • Foods higher in fiber have a lower carbohydrates index which is good Choice for athletes.
  • It is easily digested and absorbed .

Ultra Mass - 1 Kg


Usuage :

  • 10 Co-enzyme work as a antioxidant
  • 10 Co-enzyme is involved in making molecule ATP
  • 10 Co-enzyme involved in muscle contraction and production of protein.
  • 10 Co-enzyme boost energy, enhances immune system.
  • Improve immune function in individuals with immune deficiencies.
  • Improve exercise tolerance in individuals with muscular dystrophy.
  • Boost athletic performance
  • Enhance physical activity in people with fatigue syndromes.
  • Increase sperm motility leading to enhanced fertility.

EGG PRO - 1 Kg


Usuage :

  • Egg protein can be used for synthesis and limits the amount bu8rned as fuel.
  • Egg proteins have the highest biological value.
  • Egg proteins provide more amino acids for growth and tissue maintenance.
  • Egg proteins have the highest quality protein.
  • Egg proteins have vary nutrient and energy dense .



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