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Interactive Mammoth

Interactive Mammoth 4.4 kg / 2.2 kg

Looking to increase your muscle size and strength quickly? Look no further than Interactive Nutrition‘s Mammoth 2500 weight gain powder. Mammoth 2500 is a high calorie weight gain formula that contains 50g of multi-blend protein (Whey protein concentrate, total milk protein, pure egg protein) per serving.

This award-winning formula is a comprehensive blend of staggered release proteins, 152g of varying glycemic load carbs to help fuel your body, along with enough quality calories to help you grow, as well as, MCT’s for prolonged energy levels. Mammoth 2500 has been specifically formulated with the hard gainer in mind and is the best tasting weight gain powder on market.

Benefits of MAMMOTH 2500:

  • Quite simply the most calorie-dense and best-tasting weight gain product on the market today!
  • GROW BIG with a MAMMOTH 2500 dose of Protein
  • GROW BIG with a whopping MAMMOTH 2500 dose of Carbs.
  • MAMMOTH 2500™ is a premium quality protein blend designed for maximum growth.
  • GROW with MAXIMUM absorption of all the ingredients in MAMMOTH 2500
  • Enjoy every serving of MAMMOTH 2500 to the last drop.

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