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Many athletes struggle year after year with putting on size and weight. They have tried everything with limited success. Everything seems right; the workouts are brief and intense and they’re eating well, but nothing is happening. Well, API wants to help.

API’s Hard Gainer formula, GainerX, is designed to get you moving. With a whopping 1,245 calories and 50 grams of the best proteins per serving, your stubborn body will have no choice but to respond to this nutritionally dense, calorically packed powerhouse. API’s protein blend is made up of whey and casein to provide a quick and sustained release of protein to feed your muscles. Protein is critical to any muscle building program since it helps cause a state of positive nitrogen balance (PNB) within the muscle. PNB is imperative for muscle growth and recovery. GainerX is also loaded with complex carbohydrates to keep your energy levels fuelled and steady while also being low in sugars. This enables you to replenish glycogen stores after those growth inducing training sessions while avoiding the energy crash associated with high sugar gainers. This formula is finished off with branched chain amino acids to further help with recovery.

Your training is intense and consistent, your eating is good, now add GainerX to complete the picture.

Container Size: 4500g
Serving Size: 4 scoops (334g)
Servings Per Container: 14


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