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Muscle Max - 225 Gms

MUSCLEMAX contains precise ratio of pure these essentials amio acids for your muscle development and recovery such as Argenine , Glutamine and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA).The unique feature of MUSCLEMAX is that it supplies right propotion of nutrients at the right time ( within 15 minutes) to the right place (directly to the muscles).

BODYFUELZ MUSLEMAX works in the following ways :

  • Acts as an anabolic agent thereby increasing muscle protein systhesis
  • Increases blood flow to muscles by causing expansion of blood vessels
  • Increase energy supply to muscles and reduces fatigue
  • Maximises Muscle Pump
  • Hasten Muscle Recovery

BODYFUELZ MUSCLEMAX is a unique blend of pure crystalline Ergogenic Amino Acids in a mouth dissolving formulation for faster effect.


Fast Charge - 1 Kg

During a game the body loses a high percentage of fluids.While water quenches thirst,it fails to replenosh lost electrolytes and vitamins.

BODYFUELZ FASTCHARGE rehydrates the body with carbohydrates,sodium,potassium and vitamins returning lost energy boosters.

FASTCHARGE recharges your muscles and gives them strength to keep going till the end. With FASTCHARGE performance isn't just a great game, it's a great win.

  • 6% OSMOTIC DELIVERY SYSTEM to ensure sustained energy release.
  • I5:1 ELECTROLYTE REPLENISHER for immediate upatke of water for instant rehydration
  • 5 VITAMIN - CATALYST EHANSER to release more energy from stored reserves in the body.

Fat Burner - 50 Caps

BODYFUELZ FAT BURNER contains L-Carntine which plays an essential role in the body's energy metabolism.It acts like a transporting agent by delivering fatty acids from the outside the cells to within the cell, where they are converted to energy.


  • Increases fat burning which aids in weight management
  • Lowers cholesterol and tryglycerides
  • Enhances exercise performance
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Helps in maintaining healthy brain function
  • Aids in boosting immune system

PWR Sports

BODYFUELZ PWRSPORTS is a powerful nutritional fomrmula which provides the body with the required amino acids to enhance and power your performance.

BODYFUELZ FAT BURNER contains L-Carntine which plays an essential role in the body's energy metabolism.It acts like a transporting agent by delivering fatty acids from the outside the cells to within the cell, where they are converted to energy.


  • Boosts Endurance
  • Accelerate Performance
  • Refreshes Muscles
  • Increases Energy


GLUTAMAXXX is PREMIUM GLUTAMINE GRANULES in mouth dissolve formulations and is made in a ready to eat or Read to Mix version with a pleasant Lemon taste. This product is designed to provide the body with the highest quality of  GLUTAMINE within a few minutes of consumption.

Why is GLUTAMAXXX a preferred option for any Person?

  • Its PREMIUM grade glutamine and not chalky inferior glutamine from other supplier. One look at the Granules you will see a difference in the quality of this world class product
  • It has a UNIQUE mouth dissolve formulation where the product melts in your mouth.
  • Its had a pleasant lemon flavor and can be made as a refreshing POST workout drink
  • It can also be mixed with juices or any other beverage post workout.
  • Since 60% of the human Muscle is made up of GLUTAMINE, GLUTAMAXXX is designed to deliver this amino acid quicker, and more effect dosage than conventional Whey protein.


The human body is a magnificient piece of machinery with pulleys.rubber bands,hinder and joints throughout.And while most of the time it functions magnificiently,it can be stressed and even broken in places.


  • Reduce joint pain
  • Increase Joint Lubrication
  • Protect the joints from inflamation and muscle injury
  • Speed up recovery of musculoskeletal injuries.


BODYFUELZ FITNEZ is a unique blend of Ergogenic Amino Acids and Vitamins like B1,B2,B6 and B 12 in mouth dissolving form. This ensures immediate absorption into the blood stream for faster delivery to the excercised muscles resulting in higher energy levels,better performance and faster recovery.BODYFUELZ FITNEZ delivers these Ergogenic Amino Acids and Vitamins at the right time ( within 15 min), at the right place ( to muscles) in the right quantities and ratios.

BODYFUELZ FITNEZ provides blanced AMINONUTRITION via Glutamine,Branched Chain Amino Acids in a precise ratio. FITNEZ also delivers Vitamins that help to relase energy from carbohydrate reserves in the body. Vitamin A and E are antioxidants that combat free-radicals produced during excerise.

BODYFUEL FITNEZ is fat-free and has only 7.14 calories/sachet.

BODYFUELZ FITNEZ contains the essential Ergogenic Amino Acids which will help you have a great workout.

FITNEZ is designed for those who enjoy walking,jogging and all aerobic exercises


  • Stabilizes Energy Levels
  • Improves Performance
  • Faster Recovery
  • Fights Fatigue



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